The Best Performances Not Nominated For Awards

Andrew Blair Nov 26, 2019

Overlooked and underrated - here are 10 standout performances that deserved more love and shiny statues.

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Awards ceremonies exert their own influences on cinema. Films are made that feel intrinsically like Oscar-bait, their marketing and release schedules influenced by a desire to clean up during award season. There’s the confirmation that your work is well-regarded, one that most artists seek, but also there’s a useful publicity boost to help with the bottom line, especially when the films that do well tend to have, shall we say, a literary bent to them? In the same way as book awards tend to go to literary fiction titles rather than that Chris Brookmyre book you’ve read 18 times and opens with a big jobbie on a mantelpiece. It’s not unheard of but rare for big populist blockbusters to win outside of effects categories.
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