Frozen II: how Disney left other animation studios out in the cold

From the Lion King to the return of Elsa, Disney/Pixar remain undefeated in the kids’ film industry. So why is everyone else lagging behind?

Here we (let it) go again. Frozen II has broken box-office records with presales before it has even been released, and will doubtless cap off a triumphant year for Disney Animation and its subsidiary Pixar. The revamped Lion King is the biggest animation of all time; Toy Story 4 has also taken more than a billion dollars. Cue more fist-shaking at the unassailable hugeness of Disney. But if any rival is hoping to overturn this, they will have to try a damned sight harder.

At the beginning of the century, we considered ourselves in a “golden age” of animation, brought on by now-classic early Pixar titles Toy Story, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo, and the non-Pixar Shrek and Happy Feet. But looking around this year,
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