There Are No Theaters in the U.S. Screening Gemini Man The Way Director Ang Lee Intended

Director Ang Lee intended for his new action-thriller Gemini Man to be screened in 120 frames-per-second in a 4K 3D format. If you were looking forward to watching the film in that format, I’ve got some bad news. There isn’t a single movie theater in the United States screening the film in this format!

There are, however, 14 theaters in the U.S. that will screen the film at 120fps in 3D, but not in 4K. I recently saw the film 120fps in 3D and my review of the film will go live shortly, but I will say that it was a unique cinematic experience. I’m personally still not 100% sold on this whole 120fps theatrical viewing experience yet. But, the high frame rate worked better with this film than it did The Hobbit movies, which were screened in 48fps and 60fps.

When talking about why he wanted the film
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