Film Review: ‘Mary’

Film Review: ‘Mary’
When Emily Mortimer says, “Evil needs a body to exist. The body was that boat,” it’s just the first of numerous unsayable lines in “Mary.” This tale of nautical terror is one leaky vessel, despite veteran cinematographer Michael Goi’s professionally competent direction and a cast (also including Gary Oldman) well-equipped to handle more challenging, as well as more intelligent, material. Rlje Films is releasing it on 25 U.S. screens simultaneous with on-demand and digital HD this Friday. It should do Ok as a formulaically forgettable home-entertainment option.

That first dialogue pearl occurs as a federal investigator (Jennifer Esposito) is interviewing Sarah Greer (Mortimer), who was found floating on debris off the Florida coast. Her two daughters are also safe, having been rescued from a lifeboat. But the sailing ship they were on, the Mary, has vanished — as well as other persons on board. Despite her apparent state of trauma,
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