‘Gemini Man’ Review: Dir. Ang Lee (2019)

From an idea that has been hanging around the film industry for many years, Gemini Man finally makes it to the screen in a high-octane adventure directed by Ang Lee, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and starring Will Smith.

The story revolves around Smith’s elite assassin Henry Brogan, a fifty-one-year with his eyes of retirement. He’s the best of the best and is looking to hang up his assault rifles for good when he becomes the target of a hitman with all the intentions of taking him out. After being chased all over the world, from the sunkissed swaps of Georgia to the streets of Budapest, Brogan realises that the man after him is a younger, much more agile clone of himself who will stop at nothing until the gifted killer-for-hire is six feet under.

The premise for Gemini Man, as you can see from my brief recap above,
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