Can Will Smith’s ‘Gemini Man’ or ‘Addams Family’ Upset ‘Joker’ at the Box Office?

  • The Wrap
Through all the headlines and outrage, “Joker” has not loosened its grip on pop culture. With a $96 million opening weekend and strong audience reception, all signs point to a strong second weekend where it should stay No. 1 against two newcomers: Paramount/Skydance’s “Gemini Man” and UA/MGM’s “The Addams Family.”

Both new releases are projected for an opening in the low $20 million range, which “Joker” would be able to top even if it suffers a weekend-to-weekend drop of 65%. While such a drop is possible considering how the Warner Bros. release has outperformed many analysts’ expectations, a 65% drop would put it at around $33 million in its second weekend, which should be more than enough to hold on to the No. 1 spot.

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Meanwhile, “Gemini Man” will serve as a test of how strong Will Smith’s drawing power
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