Frozen: Olaf’s 10 Most Memorable Moments

It’s undeniable that Olaf is one of the best parts of Frozen, and seeing that we still have over a month left until Frozen II premiers, we thought we’d take a cruise through all of this snowman's most memorable moments. Sometimes Olaf is laugh-out-loud hilarious. Other times he is heart-warming and sweet. All the time, he is oblivious in the best way possible.

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Though Olaf has appeared in lots of content, including his own computer-animated featurette in 2017, we’re going to be looking exclusively at all of his best scenes and quotes from Frozen. After all, nothing beats the original, right? With that said, it’s time to head back to Arendelle and revisit everyone’s favorite snowman. Here, for the movie's many, many fans, are Olaf’s most memorable moments.
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