‘Family (2018)’ Review

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Stars: Taylor Schilling, Kate McKinnon, Bryn Vale, Fabrizio Zacharee Guido, Allison Tolman, Brian Tyree Henry, Matt Walsh, Eric Edelstein, Peter Horton, Jessie Ennis, Karan Kendrick, Juan Gaspard | Written and Directed by Laura Steinel

I was drawn to 2018′s Family initially by the lead-casting of Taylor Schilling, mainly because of how much I liked her throughout the seasons of Orange is the New Black. I also found an appeal in the synopsis, which sounded fresh, interesting and fun. Who doesn’t dig that kind of thing? As for the brief idea here, we follow Kate (Schilling), a Senior V.P who is very focused on her career, but when her estranged brother asks her, last-minute, to babysit her niece Maddie, she reluctantly helps out and see’s her life becomes a chaotic one in the process. Oh, and there’s Juggalo’s too. Yep.

Directed and written by Laura Steinel, her feature debut,
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