From Streams to Screams: 29 Movies You Can Stream This Weekend That Dabble in WTFery

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Happy Friday, everyone! With the weekend upon us, I thought for this edition of “From Streams to Screams,” I’d put together a real mind-bender of a list for you, where all 29 films dabble in some form of WTFery. Whether its delivering up full-blown cinematic chaos, or characters (and/or the movies themselves) going completely off the rails, and even a few stories that will leaving you scratching your head at the end, without a doubt, these bizarrely entertaining but utterly charming films will keep your mind warped for years to come.

Society (Available on Shudder & Amazon Prime)

Bill is worried that he is "different" from his sister and parents. They mix with other "upper class" people, while Bill is more down to earth. Even his girlfriend seems a bit odd. All is revealed when Bill returns home to find a party in full swing. Not for the weak of stomach.
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