The Green Lantern Ends With a Big Bang and a New Beginning

Jim Dandy Oct 2, 2019

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharpe talk about bringing The Green Lantern to an end and getting a "second season" ready.

This article contains spoilers for The Green Lantern #12.

Grant Morrison is a legend. He has been writing comics for 30 years, and shaping the DC universe for almost that entire time. Morrison has reinvented Superman multiple times, redefined Batman, wrote a Justice League that was so huge that it redefined how creative teams approached team books, and reconstructed DC’s entire multiverse out of nothing.

Liam Sharp has been a comics pro for as long, and he was one of the architects behind building the post-Rebirth mythological worlds of DC, redefining Wonder Woman’s pantheon and then using her to bring Celtic and Irish myth to the DC Universe for the first time. Put the two of them together on a Green Lantern book, with a legion of
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