Review: Into the Black — James Gray's "Ad Astra"

  • MUBI
Astronaut Roy McBride is unflappable and known for it, out-reputed only by his own father who casts on him a shadow akin to that of the dark side of the moon. His father has been gone a long time, disappearing after a quest to Neptune in the pursuit of intelligent life took him and his crew beyond the detection of home-base. We’re introduced to the younger McBride only briefly before we see him survive a crisis when the space station he’s working on is hit by a mysterious surge of energy that sends him flying from just outside earth’s atmosphere and crashing to the ground. After a quick recovery, he’s brought into a confidential briefing where his informed that the cause of the surges—which are growing in number—is near Neptune, where the Lima mission brought his father before he lost touch with command sixteen years ago.
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