Marvel's "The Infinity Saga"

Sneak Peek an official 'sizzle reel' from Marvel Studios, showcasing "The Infinity Saga", including the first twenty three films of the 'Marvel Cinematic Universe', encompassing 'Phase One', 'Phase Two' and 'Phase Three', beginning with "Iron Man" and concluding with "Spider-Man: Far From Home", with the saga's prominent theme of the gathering of the 'Infinity Stones' and the war against Thanos', available soon in a 'massive' box set:

"...'The 'Infinity Stones' are a collection of six powerful objects, with each individually controlling a different aspect of the universe. The primary antagonist of the saga, is the extraterrestrial warlord 'Thanos', who made it his goal to collect all the stones and use them to exterminate half of the universe's inhabitants, believing it will spare the universe from being destroyed by overpopulation..."

From 2008 to 2019, with a total box office of a staggering $22.428 billion, 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' features showcased in 'The Infinity Saga' , in
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