Last Blood Reactions Arrive: Is This the End of Rambo?

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The ultimate action hero John Rambo is back, and this time, it continues to be personal. Returning to our screens after the poorly received Rambo 11 years ago, Rambo: Last Blood has now been seen by a handful of critics and the reactions are...Disappointingly negative.

After the successful resurrection of his other cinematic icon, Rocky, Sylvester Stallone's return to Rambo being less-than-great will hurt some fans worse than a machete to the head. Critic Mike Ryan at Uproxx has taken umbrage with the film's complete lack of fun, and it's emphasis on some largely controversial, ill-natured themes.

"Rambo: Last Blood ... like, why? Why not make one last fun Rambo action movie? No, instead we get Rambo's young niece being kidnapped, drugged, tortured and raped by a cartel. Who is this for?"

Katie Walsh, critic over at La Times Movies, was particularly harsh on the film, calling it the worst movie of the year.
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