"The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror XXX"

"The Simpsons" 30th annual "Treehouse of Horror" animated Halloween special (Episode #666) will air October 20, 2019 on Fox, with parodies of Netflix' "Stranger Things" and 'Oscar' winner "The Shape of Water":

"...'The Simpsons' leave 'Springfield' for the haunted town of 'Hawkins', as 'Lisa' takes over for Millie Bobby Brown as its resident 'telekinetic', with a trademark bloody nose and shaved head. '

"Bart' is Finn Wolfhard's 'Mike', 'Nelson' is Gaten Matarazzo's 'Dustin', 'Martin' is Caleb McLaughlin's 'Lucas' and 'Chief Wiggum' is David Harbour's 'Jim Hopper'.

"Then, under the sea, 'Selma Bouvier' cozies up to octo-aliens 'Kang' and 'Kodos', with Sally Hawkins as 'Elisa' and Doug Jones as 'Amphibian Man'.

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