Box Office: Why ‘Hustlers’ Soared While ‘The Goldfinch’ Flopped

  • Variety
Though Stx’s “Hustlers” and Warner Bros.’ “The Goldfinch” couldn’t be more different in terms of genre or style, the two new releases prove the divergent paths that mid-budget movies can take at the box office.

Both films arrived last weekend in an environment that has been increasingly hostile to anything that’s not of the superhero ilk or the umpteenth iteration of a longstanding franchise. “Hustlers” beat expectations with a solid $33.2 million debut, while “The Goldfinch” bombed with just $2.68 million. Those results are a sobering lesson as studios continue to scout for material that appeals to moviegoers interested in more than just blockbuster fare. “Hustlers” cost a moderate $20 million to produce, meaning the movie only needed to do modest business to turn a profit. “The Goldfinch” carried double that budget with a price tag above $40 million. Amazon co-financed the movie, which will help mitigate damages, but it still
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