Satirical Slasher Ruin Me Finds a Home on DVD and Digital this October 8th

Ruin Me is a horror film that makes fun of horror tropes. This title has already had a long run on the film festival circuit. Now, Rlj Entertainment is set to release the film on home entertainment formats, this October. In Ruin Me, several horror fans sign up for a Slasher Sleepout. In the 36 hour event, these six strangers are subjected to strange characters and events, in a remote wood. As well, Ruin Me stars: Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Chris Hill and several others. A preview of the film's wide release, in the United States, is hosted here. While on the road, writers Preston DeFrancis and Trysta A. Bissett have talked about this release. DeFrancis was studying directing in the University of South Carolina, while Bissett was researching scriptwriting (iHorror). Together, they developed several comedies and romantic comedies, before turning to horror. At a special haunting event, they found their
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