American Horror Story: How the Show Has Changed Since Murder House

Jamie Andrew Sep 10, 2019

With season nine on its way, Murder House remains the jewel in American Horror Story's blood-soaked crown. Here's why...

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American Horror Story: Murder House marked horror's first foray into serialized television. While shows like The Twilight Zone and Freddy's Nightmares gave their audiences fresh stories each week, and The X-Files and its ilk had followed a case-of-the-week format with little in the way of connective tissue between episodes and seasons, Ahs was the first horror-centric show to take a long-form approach to storytelling.

The format wasn't the only groundbreaking aspect of the show. Series co-creator Ryan Murphy crafted a truly unique signature style, lying somewhere in tone between The Shining and The Rocky Horror Picture Show, with dashes of slasher and lashes of lipstick added to the mix: pulpy event TV with avant garde sensibilities.

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