Star Trek: Discovery Writer Quits After Using N-Word in Writers Room

Walter Mosley has left Star Trek: Discovery.

The author penned an op-ed which was published Friday by the New York Times in which he said that he quit a TV series when another writer complained about his use of the n-word in the writers' room.

Mosley said that he used the word while recalling a story from his past.

“I just told a story about a cop who explained to me, on the streets of Los Angeles, that he stopped all n—-rs in paddy neighborhoods and all paddies in n—-r neighborhoods, because they were usually up to no good,” he wrote.

“I was telling a true story as I remembered it."

Mosley, who is African-American and Jewish, said that he received a phone call from the Hr department of the studio.

“A pleasant-sounding young man said, ‘Mr. Mosley, it has been reported that you used the N-word in the writers’ room.
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