10 Comedy Actors From The 90s We Wish Were Still Making Movies

The ‘90s were a decade that really defined the comedy movie genre. Iconic film franchises emerged, like Ace Ventura and Austin Powers. And, on the small screen, popular sketch comedy series like Saturday Night Live and In Living Color kept fans laughing hysterically as they watched hilarious sketches and recurring characters.

And while comedy films continue to bring the big bucks and audience laughs today, and we have a new slate of comedic actors showing their talents, such as Melissa McCarthy, Will Ferrell, and Amy Schumer, there are some classic comedic actors we really miss.

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Some of these actors are still active today, appearing in TV series, voicing characters, or working behind the scenes. Some have sadly left this world. Nonetheless, here are 10 comedy actors from the ‘90s that we really wish would make a comeback in comedy film.
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