Venice Film Review: ‘Guest of Honour’

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Venice Film Review: ‘Guest of Honour’
It would take more explaining than the film merits to articulate why deep-fried rabbit ears are briefly a plot point in “Guest of Honour,” but so they are: The camera grazes over a platter of the oval-shaped delicacies, looking invitingly golden-crumbed and crunchy, and for a second any reservations you might have about the unusual menu item fall away. , in which a frayed father-daughter bond yields all manner of secondary indiscretions and traumas over a wildly careering 15-year timeframe. Incorporating stray narrative and thematic elements from Egoyan’s earlier (and far better) films into an odd kind of self-pastiche, this unwelcome “Guest” serves only to remind viewers how the director’s gifts have withered.

An Atom bomb even by his unreliable recent standards, “Guest of Honour” does, however, extend Egoyan’s mystifying run of major European competition berths for shaky genre pieces of limited artistic ambition. While the combination of
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