Telluride Film Review: ‘The Assistant’

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Telluride Film Review: ‘The Assistant’
It’s a woefully familiar situation when the dramatic arts try to engage with current events, only to falter because they arrive before audiences are willing to confront the real-deal traumas they seek to explore. “Too soon,” say the critics, as if engaged filmmakers were just a bunch of ambulance-chasing opportunists. But in the case of Australian director Kitty Green’s “The Assistant” — an exasperatingly low-key look at gender dynamics in the workplace that began as an exposé of sexual misconduct on college campuses and morphed into a commentary on the Harvey Weinstein scandal — the world is more than ready, and it’s more a case of “too little, too late.”

Yes, society must push itself to understand how an entire industry could ignore — much less accept — predatory and misogynistic practices. But we can’t pretend that the evidence wasn’t hidden in plain sight. More daring films than this
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