Sarunas Jackson on Good Trouble, Games People Play, & Finding His Swagger!

The midseason finale of Good Trouble's sophmore season concluded with a few shocking cliffhangers that will have fans eagerly awaiting its return.

Fortunately, it was announced that Good Trouble will have a special 2-hour Christmas special.

We can only imagine the kind of drama and excitement that will happen with the Coterie gang and their close ones during the holiday season.

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One of those Coterie loved ones is Malika's boyfriend, Isaac Hall, played by Sarunas Jackson. 

TV Fanatic had the good fortune of speaking with Sarunas about Good Trouble, finally playing a nice guy, and Games People Play. 

We also spoke about the important message behind his new role as the Old Spice Guy in Old Spice's "Never Let A Friend Lose His Swagger" Campaign.

Check out our chat below!

TV Fanatic: So, I'll just jump right into it. There's supposed
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