Tom Holland Says Green Goblin is a Difficult Character To Bring To Life in a Live-Action Spider-man Film

Over the years we’ve seen three different live-action versions of Green Goblin. Sam Raimi featured two versions in his Spider-Man trilogy, the first was played by Willem Defoe, the other by James Franco. Then there was the Dane DeHaan version of the the character in The Amazing Spider-Man, which was the worst. Out of those three, Defoe’s version of the character was the best.

Fans have been wondering if we might ever see another attempt at Green Goblin in a future Spider-Man movie. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse showed us a wicked cool animated version of the villain, and when talking about that, Tom Holland says that he thinks this character is “so hard” to bring to life in a live action film.

During a panel at Keystone Comic Con in Pennsylvania, the actor said:

“There are characters in the comics who are so hard to bring to life.
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