Apu, Krusty ... McBain? The Simpsons spin-offs we most want to see

The Simpsons creators have teased a ‘crazy limited series with a side character’. But which of the dozens of brilliant bit parts should they put in the limelight?

It seems fairly clear that Disney+ will mainly exist to suffocate us in content. We’ve already been promised endless series based on whatever peripheral Marvel and Star Wars characters they’ve found lurking unused in cupboards, plus a Muppets series, a High School Musical series, an Ice Age series, a True Lies series, a Willow series, a Short Circuit series, a 101 Dalmatians series and something where Jeff Goldblum just sort of ambiently wanders around touching his mouth a lot as he pontificates about bicycles.

But the glut is by no means over, because now we’re being teased with something that would have been incredible had it happened in the 1990s: more Simpsons.
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