‘Flight of the Navigator: Limited Edition’ Blu-ray Review (Second Sight)

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Stars: Joey Cramer, Paul Reubens, Cliff De Young, Veronica Cartwright, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt Adler, Howard Hesseman | Written by Michael Burton, Matt MacManus | Directed by Randal Kleiser

I grew up with Flight of the Navigator. It’s always been one of my favourite movies. A family sci-fi adventure film that kinda fell under the radar to some degree and has since become a cult classic. It’s charming, it’s funny, it’s nostalgic as hell and it’s incredibly entertaining, so I was completely and utterly on board when Second Sight announced their upcoming Blu-ray release. A limited edition release with special features, extra goodies and a new transfer? Fans are very happy. I had a chance to take a look at the blu-ray release and here are my thoughts on it, as well as my opinions, all these years later, on the film itself.

The film was directed by Randal Kleiser,
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