Trying not to cry: Angelina Jolie on dropping son to college

An emotional Angelina Jolie tried "not to cry" while dropping off son Maddox to college in South Korea.

The 18-year-old is attending Yonsei University in South Korea to study biochemistry, and Jolie dropped him off at the school in-person, reports "".

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"I leave today, I'm trying not to cry," the Oscar-winning Hollywood actress said in a video, shared on Instagram by a user on Wednesday, August 21.

The mother-son duo were all smiles in the photographs and videos shared on the users account, as Jolie took the time to chat with her son's fellow students and even offered to take a photograph with the excited group.

The video was taken in a building on-campus.

Jolie told the group that she and Maddox were in Seoul for a few days before classes get started.

"We've been in Seoul - we were
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