Arrow Season 8: David Ramsey on Diggle’s Sons

Delia Harrington Alec Bojalad Aug 21, 2019

David Ramsey talks his reaction to John Diggle having an adopted son for Arrow season 8 and the casting of future-jj

Last season, Arrow revealed that in addition to their Flashpoint-gender-swapped son John Junior Aka JJ, John Diggle and Lyla have an adopted son, Connor. We also learned far more about Diggle’s childhood than before, with the introduction of his stepfather, General Stewart, in an excellent guest-starring role from the one and only Ernie Hudson. Den of Geek spoke with David Ramsay, who plays Diggle, to learn more about how this theme of fathers and sons will play out on Arrow season 8, the final season, this fall.

For many viewers, the surprise that JJ was gender-swapped (and no one really seemed to care?) had only just worn off when it was revealed that Connor Hawke was actually Diggle’s grown, adopted son in the future.
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