Ewan McGregor’s Disdain For Star Wars Casts Doubt On His Obi-Wan Return

According to the latest reports doing the rounds on the internet, Ewan McGregor, who played the wise and youthful version of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels after inheriting the character from veteran actor Alec Guinness, is making a return to his most famous role in a Disney Plus show centering around the Jedi master.

McGregor is reportedly in the final stages of sealing the deal with Disney, even though there’s been no official statement from the Mouse House or the actor himself. What we do have, however, is a history of McGregor’s remarks about his Star Wars stint during various talk shows and interviews, and based on those statements, some fans believe that returning to the franchise isn’t something that he’s particularly interested in doing.

Here’s what the actor said in a 2014 interview:

“I’ve never been to one of the conventions. The
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