Adam Conover ‘Ruins America’ in ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ Midseason Premiere

  • The Wrap
In the first scene of Tuesday’s episode of truTV’s “Adam Ruins Everything,” a jolly Uncle Sam figure marches through a town square, proclaiming his love for the U.S.A. to a crowd of patriotic archetypes — Lady Liberty, Johnny Appleseed and Rosie the Riveter.

“Dang, I love America! It’s the most fair, democratic, perfect country on earth!” he says, only to be cut off by the host, Adam Conover, flying above and letting out a long “actually” before landing in front of Sam. True to the show’s title, Adam is intent on ruining everything, and that “everything” includes Uncle Sam’s — or at least some of the societal myths he believes in.

After two full seasons of tackling common misconceptions about everything from gun laws to hygiene, “Adam Ruins Everything” is setting its sights on the good old U.S.A. for its midseason premiere August
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