Crazy Trailer for a Psychological Supernatural Thriller Called The Dark Red from the Director of The Signal

I’ve got a trailer here for you to watch today from an awesome-looking psychological supernatural thriller called The Dark Red. The film comes from director Dan Bush. He previously made a sci-fi thriller called The Signal, which was a fantastic mind-bending movie, and this new one looks like it’s going to deliver another crazy cool story!

The film stars April Billingsley, who plays a young woman who is committed to a psychiatric hospital and claims her newborn was stolen by a dark cult. Here’s the synopsis that was shared for the film:

Sybil is being held against her will in a psychiatric ward because her claims are extreme. She says her newborn baby was kidnapped by a secret society to harvest its supernatural blood. She says the ancient bloodline has great powers - it lets you hear other people’s thoughts. And she begs the doctors to
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