Review: The Boys (2019) – Season 1 (Spoiler-free)

Superhero stories are by now, extremely well-worn territory where meaningful innovations that bring something new and unexpected are few and far between. The Boys, however, is a series that not only turns the superhero genre on its head, but proceeds to beat it mercilessly before releasing it back into the world a violent, callous entity.

Amazon Prime Video‘s much touted latest original series takes a Justice League-esque band of super-powered heroes known as The Seven and makes them the villains of the story, not by having them take part in a grand plot for world domination, but by exploring the humanity beneath the capes.

Despite being treated as celebrities and role models, The Seven are still subject to the ugliest parts of human nature – greed, jealousy, addiction, arrogance, ruthless self-preservation – all of which inspire destructive and selfish actions designed to preserve The Seven’s status and marketability.

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