Exclusive Poster and Stills for Sidewalk Bound The Ghost Who Walks

Keen-eyed cinephiles with a penchant for true American indies from this past decade will recognize Cody Stokes as the cinematographer and co-writer of Uncertain Terms and Soft in the Head, seminal micro-budget features from prolific director Nathan Silver. Stokes' own work as a director has fallen both on the narrative and documentary sides, and includes the excellent, A Year Long Morning (viewable on the filmmaker's website). Ahead of its bow at the 21st annual Sidewalk Film Festival on August 24, Screen Anarchy is pleased to share a sneak peek of Stokes' feature directorial debut, The Ghost Who Walks, a moody crime drama with a tinge of Christmas spirit. Winner of the coveted U.S. In Progress prize at the 2018 Champs-Elysees Film Festival, Stokes had the...

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