David Ayer to Direct WWII Tank Drama El-Alamein

Joseph Baxter Aug 8, 2019

Suicide Squad director David Ayer is in talks to direct WWII thriller El-Alamein, named after the crucial battle in Egypt.

David Ayer, perhaps best known as the director of 2016 DC movie Suicide Squad, is returning to the genre of World War II tank battle epics, which he famously fielded as writer/director of the 2014 Brad Pitt-headlined Fury. With that WWII tank movie covering the War’s European Theater, he’s now eyeing an adaptation of a key skirmish in the Mediterranean, African and Middle East Theater, with a film titled El-Alamein.

Lionsgate is in talks with Ayer to direct El-Alamein, reports Deadline. The war drama will center on the 1942 WWII tanks-teeming battle in the Egyptian coastal town, just 150 miles west of Cairo. The script has already undergone rewrites, with the first draft, by David Self, recently getting turned over to James Coyne. With Ayer’s tendency
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