It Chapter Two De-Ages Young Actors for Flashbacks

David Crow Aug 6, 2019

Andy Muschietti reveals that the young actors will have CGI de-aging effects applied for flashback scenes in It Chapter Two.

Stephen King’s It novel has always been one of his most challenging to adapt, due both to structure and legacy. In addition to its gargantuan length, the book is very much presented as a dialogue between past and present, childhood and adulthood—and everything lost between—with scenes in the present and past alternating between chapters. This is likely why it was first tackled as a miniseries, and when it came to finally making the jump to the big screen, it was divided between two films and told chronologically. Even so, It Chapter Two was always intended by director Andy Muschietti to somewhat mirror King’s literary presentation.

As he told us in our print interview last month, Muschietti always intended to bring back the child actors of the Losers’ Club,
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