‘D-Railed’ Review

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Stars: Lance Henriksen, Frank Lammers, Tonya Kay, Jack Betts, Everette Wallin, Shae Smolik, Daniel O’Reilly, Gregg Christie, Leticia Labelle, Giovannie Espiritu, Val McAdoo, Carter Scott, Marvin Ryan, Brie Mattson, Anthony Jensen | Written by Everette Wallin, Suzanne DeLaurentiis, Dale Fabrigar | Directed by Dale Fabrigar

Written by Everette Wallin, Suzanne DeLaurentiis and Dale Fabrigar and directed by Fabrigar, D-Railed is a mystery set on a train that crashes into a river. The sinking train isn’t the only thing for the survivors to worry about though, because there’s a monster in the murky depths who wants some dinner, too. It’s a murder mystery on a train… but with a difference and some added horror to pump up the tension a bit.

This one intrigued me because the whole plot sounded so crazy to me, like a bunch of ideas all tossed into one movie. The problem with throwing so
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