A Cult Cinematic Oddity Turns 30 – Tetsuo: The Iron Man

As it turns 30, Tom Jolliffe takes a look at the bizarre Japanese body horror Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Cinema is full of the bizarre. From rockets being launched into the eye of the man on the moon, to Arnold Schwarzenegger getting pregnant, the beauty of film is that it can offer up a doorway, of almost limitless imagination.

Japanese cinema has often been a front runner for the weird and wonderful. You need only look at another cult film House (an utterly bizarre and visually unrestrained horror film). There’s something to be said about a film so unique and odd that it defies categorisation (almost). One such film is Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

In the intervening years the film has spawned into a trilogy (the last of which was made a decade ago). Neither sequel quite lived up to the surprise and utterly head scratching insanity of a David Lynch-esque body horror.
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