Different for girls by Jennie Kermode

Girls setting their own agenda Photo: Fantasia Film Festival

Jennifer Reeder is one of those prolific directors whose work crops up in so many different contexts that, contrarily, it often goes under the radar for mainstream viewers. This year she’s made a big splash on the festival circuit with Knives And Skin, the story of what happens to the people of a small American town when teenage girl Carolyn (played by Raven Whitley) goes missing. Reading the promotional materials, I tell her, I have to admit that I felt I’d seen this film before, but watching it was an altogether different experience. We connected whilst it was showing at Fantasia and she told me why she was attracted to the idea and why it’s not what people expect.

“I have a fascination with stories about missing teens. It’s not autobiographical. I never went missing as a
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