Is Rachel Weisz Taskmaster in Black Widow? She Says The Character Has a Significant Role in the Film

Fans at Comic-Con got to see some cool footage from Black Widow featuring Natasha Romanova (Scarlett Johansson) fighting the villain Taskmaster. Upon seeing this footage I immediately thought that the character had the build of a woman. A lot of other fans noticed this as well and speculation started spreading that Rachel Weisz could end up being Taskmaster.

That is certainly a possibility! After the big Marvel panel Weisz was asked by Variety if she was in fact playing Taskmaster. She laughed, sidestepped the question and said the interviewer would have to kill her before she told him. He then asked how important Taskmaster is to the story and she said:

“I would say of some significance.”

She then winked at the interviewer and explained that she will get to do some fighting in the film. There definitely is a possibility that Weisz could be Taskmaster, and if she is,
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