Vampire Batman Returns in DC Halloween Special

Jim Dandy Jul 22, 2019

Secrets of Sinister House takes us back to Red Rain Batman just in time for Halloween.

Fifth weeks are odd beasts in the comics world. They throw off the natural rhythm of comic publishing, with one book every two or four weeks, and end up stacking some months ane leaving others barren. Fortunately, comic companies have found fun and creative ways to deal with them. Like having Bill Sienkiewicz ink a John Romita Jr. drawing of Vampire Batman from Red Rain chasing down a possibly envampired Joker.

Secrets of Sinister House is, like all of DC's seasonal anthology books, 80 pages of short stories, in and out of continuity, with mix and match creative teams that let us get introduced to some new creators and duck back into favorite continuities. Included in this anthology are:

- Rafael Scavone and Rafael Albuquerque telling a story with the above-mentioned
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