How did stunt men take over the film industry?

With action in high demand, David Leitch, director of Hobbs & Shaw, and Chad Stahelski are dominating cinema

To state the obvious: one essential ingredient for a good action movie is … good action. And in an age when any old slob can be made to look like a superhero with a bit of green screen and CGI, unadulterated old-school stunts such as fist fights and car chases are in high demand. So who are you gonna call? Increasingly, the answer seems to be Leitch and Stahelski.

Far from household names, David Leitch and Chad Stahelski are very well known in Hollywood. Both from martial arts backgrounds, they went into movie stunts, establishing their own company, 87eleven, in 1997. They are the people who design the stunt sequences, provide the personnel and train the actors – from Scarlett Johansson to Keanu Reeves – the latter of whom Stahelski stunt-doubled for in the Matrix movies.

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