‘Knives and Skin’ Review: Dir Jennifer Reeder (2019) [Fantasia]

Knives and Skin review: A young girl’s disappearance throws a small town into turmoil in Fantasia selection Knives and Skin.

Image Courtesy of Fantasia Festival

Written and directed by Jennifer Reeder, Knives and Skin is a tricky film to describe. Set in a Mid-Western American town, the film opens with young girl Carolyn being ditched at make-out point by the school jock. After she fails to make it home, her mother begins a desperate search for her as the rest of the town try to adjust to her disappearance. We follow various townsfolk and classmates as their lives slowly begin to unravel.

The full story is a little hard to pin down as Reeder jumps from one character to the next, never really giving the viewer time to fully understand who is who. It plays out as if the viewer were merely a fly on the wall, flitting from
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