Alec Baldwin: 'You naughty English could fold sex into dentistry'

Playing the fallen car entrepreneur John DeLorean, skewering Donald Trump on SNL, Woody Allen, #MeToo … Why is it so hard to pin the actor down on anything?

A conversation with Alec Baldwin feels rather like being in a holding pattern above New York. Not that it’s boring: on the contrary, talking with this old-fashioned film star and modern-day sitcom god, this part-time Trump antagonist and full-time schmoozy showbiz personality, is an entirely pleasant experience. You are in business class, perhaps even first, and you are happy and sated and stimulated. Spread out invitingly below you are the twinkling lights of Manhattan, where the 61-year-old actor and his 35-year-old wife, Hilaria, own a penthouse apartment. (They also have an 18th-century farmhouse in the Hamptons.) And yet a question presents itself, not unreasonably, as the plane circles the city and each new circumnavigation seems to bring it no closer to terra
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