It's Time to Dance! This Is What Netflix's The Prom Will Be About

In case you haven't heard, the Broadway musical comedy The Prom is coming to Netflix! Helmed by Glee and American Horror Story maestro Ryan Murphy, the Netflix adaptation of the Tony-nominated musical will star Meryl Streep, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, and more stars of stage and screen. The Prom is one of the rare modern musicals that isn't based on an existing property, so you might not have heard much about it before. Telling the story of a lesbian teenage girl who just wants to go to prom with her girlfriend, the heartfelt musical is full of catchy music and humor.

Warning: Some spoilers for The Prom ahead!

Ironically, The Prom doesn't start off with its teenage characters, but with a group of middle-aged Broadway stars. Friends and co-stars Dee Dee and Barry watch in horror as the Eleanor Roosevelt musical they're starring in gets panned so badly it closes that very night,
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