“The Lion King” Is A Visually Stunning New Version Of A Classic Tale

Among Disney animated titles, The Lion King holds a special place in the hearts of many. Part of the second Golden Age of animation for the company, it captured the imaginations of young and old back in 1994. Now, Disney has updated the look with a photorealistic remake, looking for all the world like actual animals are doing this riff on Shakespeare. Opening this week, for some, it will represent a magical experience. For others, it will bug them to no end. For yours truly? I recognize the issues that a handful of my colleagues have with it, but by and large, I was thoroughly entertained by the 2019 incarnation of The Lion King. Plot wise, the filmmakers stick almost completely to the animated original. This is still the tale of a young lion cub named Simba (voice of Jd McCrary), the prince of Pride Rock, regally presided over by his father
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