[Updated] Turns Out Brie Larson Actually Played Two Characters In Kong: Skull Island

Update: We’ve since been informed that this is not Brie Larson in the photo. We apologize for any confusion caused.

Original story: Long before Godzilla waged war against King Ghidorah and his wave of titans, Legendary’s MonsterVerse whisked us off to Skull Island, home to King Kong and all manner of terrible creatures – SkullCrawlers, giant spiders… you name it.

It was very much ground zero of this monstrous franchise, and served to introduce key characters and the mysterious Monarch, a titan-hunting agency born in the shadows. But Kong: Skull Island delivered so much more. Sure, the dialogue and overall plot was a little rough around the edges, but the ensemble cast, coupled with those jaw-dropping visuals, more than made up for the lackluster writing.

Plus, it offered McU viewers the chance to see Brie Larson venture over into blockbuster territory in the lead-up to Captain Marvel, the first
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