Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Shares A Hilarious Story About Carrie Fisher

If every fandom community had a Mark Hamill, perhaps the world’s great questions would finally be answered.

It’s almost every day that the Star Wars icon gives his Twitter followers, and subsequently the planet, another behind-the-scenes story from the beloved franchise. On Wednesday, he explained a photo from The Empire Strikes Back of its director Irvin Kershner, and Yoda creator Stuart Freeborn. And he struck again (very early) this morning, this time detailing a touching, funny tale from his time working with the late Carrie Fisher on Return of the Jedi.

She Loved I was willing to look ridiculous! I squeezed into her white #Esb snow jumpsuit & she paraded me around the studio-Didn't want to wear the robe but isolated in the desert she said"No one will see you!"This is the exact moment she saw a photographer on a long-angle lens

— Mark
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