“Neon Genesis Evangelion,” Episodes 13–16: There’s Something Wrong with Rei Ayanami

Neon Genesis Evangelion Rewatch is a series of essays where Willow Maclay will be covering the streaming release of Hideaki Anno’s landmark anime show.Clip shows are not synonymous with greatness. They’re the sort of episodes that television shows used to run when they were behind schedule, or over-budget or looking for an easy way to do the bare-minimum. Episode fourteen of Hideaki Anno’s anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion is a clip show, but it subverts expectations by pulling the rug out from underneath viewers in a shocking second-half that marks an entirely new direction for the television show. The first half of this episode is presented as a military report to Seele, a secret organization controlling the military installation of Nerv, who are fighting the monsters known as Angels that are ravaging the city of Tokyo-3. Most television shows would merely take the footage that already
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