Mulan Trailer Being Trashed In China For Historical Inaccuracies

Does anyone else remember the last time Disney gave us an original live action film? Sure, you can name Christopher Robin, or The Nutcracker and the Four Realms out of kindness, but other than that, there hasn’t been much.

That’s mostly because the studio’s been super busy taking our childhood favorites and converting them into live action remakes, pushed into theaters for some good ol’ nostalgia-based cash grabbing. With the exception of maybe Dumbo, none of them have been particularly unenjoyable, but they do feel, to a lot of people, a bit uninspired.

That being said, the upcoming Mulan actually has us pretty excited and now that the first trailer’s hit the web, initial impressions on it are starting to roll in. Thankfully, most people seem to dig it, but over in China, the preview is being trashed for its supposed historical inaccuracies.

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