First Trailer for New The Ring Japanese Horror Film, Sadako

"The curse exists! I've seen it!"

We are getting another new film The Ring horror franchise. This one is called Sadako, and it hails from Japan. Not even Japan wants to give up on The Ring franchise!

This latest film come from director Hideo Nakata, who also made the original two Japanese films – Ringu and Ringu 2. He also directed The Ring Two for Hollywood in 2005. I guess he felt it was time to revisit the the story of this creepy, vengeful ghost. I’ll watch it!

This new story centers on a group of people who embark on a journey to find out how to stop the "newborn" deadly curse, which goes viral after a YouTuber accidentally captured a vengeful ghost on camera. Here’s the synopsis with a few additional details:

A young girl with amnesia is admitted to a Tokyo hospital’s psychiatric wing. Raised in secrecy,
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