Review: Toy Story 4 (2019)

There is something of a battle in pushing a series beyond the confines of a trilogy at the worst of times, let alone the best. Some emerge as shockingly incredible, others polarise viewers and some are shocking for all the wrong reasons but when the stakes are as high as this, you do ask yourself “was it necessary”? In 2010, Pixar emotionally destroyed audiences with Toy Story 3, a film that delivered a poignant ride that left us reeling after we witnessed Woody, Buzz (Tim Allen), Jesse (Joan Cusack) and the gang say “so long partner” to audiences. It was practically a perfect send off, so when Toy Story 4 was announced (and apparently written during production of the third), even the most optimistic among us had to ask, is another outing required? Arguably the answer was no but as Toy Story 4 rides into cinemas, I have to tip my
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